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June 14, 2007

Dear John...

john-marshall I know we've had some rocky times together, but you can't just walk out on me like this. Was it something I said? I know that at times I disapproved of your relationship with Avinash, but with a relationship as long-standing as ours, a little jealousy's going to set in eventually.

So where will you go now? Will I see you growing your hair out and hanging around in bars with Eric? Or shaving your head and pontificating with Jim? Don't tell me you have a new flame already - or are you going back to Marc? I know you always had a soft spot for him.

Well, wherever you end up going, good luck, I guess. There'll always be a warm welcome for you here, when you're done flirting with your fancy new friends.

Yours bitterly,

The Web Analytics Industry


[PS Seriously, good luck with your move, John. You've done a great job at ClickTracks and I for one will be watching carefully to see where you apply your talents next]

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